Tanzanian Companion Church

Between Magomeni Lutheran Church & Zion Lutheran Church

Through the Northern Great Lakes Synod, Zion Lutheran Church was matched with a companion Church in Tanzania, Africa. Our mission was to partner with Magomeni Lutheran Church so that we could learn about different cultures and ways to show our love for God. This was not to be a monetary relationship but one of sharing and caring for each other.

The original Tanzanian Companion Church Committee started at Zion Lutheran Church in 2002 and Zion members became involved in a variety of planned African activities.  Some of the activities included two luncheons featuring African recipes and a Tanzanian Sunday service lead by Pastor Langseth from Calumet, MI. The committee members planned these activities so that Zion members could get a feel for the customs of their Tanzanian neighbors.

Contact with Magomeni Lutheran Church during that time was through e-mails with “Boni” (or Boniface) and Kim Fannin.  Boni was singing with a Lutheran Youth Encounter group traveling to this area.  Boni is now a Pastor and was married in the summer of 2011.

During that time also, a wall hanging was made and given to our Companion Church Magomeni Lutheran Church in Dar es Salaam and letters were sent by Zion’s Sunday School Children to be given to the Sunday School Children at Magomeni.

A beautifully handcrafted sign was given to us by Magomeni Lutheran Church and the sign has hung in our Church entryway ever since.  Next time you are in our Church you may want to make sure to take a moment to look at it!

Getting In Touch:

In the beginning, the Tanzanian Companion Church Committee met once a month and even more often when activities were in progress. At present the committee meets as needed. You are most welcome to join us anytime!

Please check your Sunday bulletin, newsletter or call the office to be sure of the meeting date and time.

Feel free to contact any of the present committee  members also: Mary Ansell, Pastor Ingmar Levin, Julie Malloy,  Beth Malloch, Linda Levin-Chair, Kay Macgregor, Mary Ellen Debelak and Pastor Elly Russey.


Tanzania 2009 Work Crew Photo Story
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Tanzanian Sunday was held at Zion Lutheran Church on March 20th, 2011
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Have you ever seen 2,000 mosquitoes hanging from a ceiling?
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Magomeni Visitors to Zion in 2013
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Zion Visits Magomeni Lutheran Church 2016
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