Tanzanian Sunday 2011

A special Tanzanian Sunday was held at Zion Lutheran Church on March 20th, 2011 with Pastor Robert Langseth and Deloris Langseth of Calumet, MI sharing the sermon message, music  and Tanzanian information.  The Langseth’s had been to Tanzania nine times by the time they did this service.  (They since returned to Tanzania in June 2011 to supervise another work crew!).

A Tanzanian “feast”  followed the special service.
Our church was made ready for the Tanzanian Sunday service with the new altar cloths that were given by our companion church Magomeni Lutheran.

The new altar albs that were a gift from Magomeni Lutheran Church. They were used for the Tanzanian Sunday as well as during the Lenten Season.

Pastor Bob Langseth and Deloris leading us in the “Tembo” song.  The Swahili word tembo means elephant in the English language.

Linda Levin is dressed in an African dress and is stirring the special red bean dish she made for the meal

Pastor and Mrs. Langseth accepting our gifts to take to the Kisarawe School on the 2011 work crew

Vee designed the placemats while the Sunday School Children  and Staff filled in the color.  They were very nice!!   Thank you.

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