Ministry & Mission


Holy Communion to Shut-ins


This program started April 6th, 2003. There are several members of our congregation who cannot physically participate in the service. However, that does not mean that there are not in our hearts and minds. This program is meant to increase the bond between Zion Lutheran Church and its shut in members.


On the first Sunday of each month communion kits will be blessed at the 10:30 service. Then volunteers will take communion to the members of our church who cannot attend. Along with the communion an abbreviated service is read. In the service we confess our sins, say the prayer of the day, read the Gospel lesson, and recite the Lord’s Prayer.


We are hoping in the near future to make tapes of the sermon for shut-ins and other members to be able to listen to Pastor.


If anyone is interested in helping with this program or knows of someone who would like to receive communion, please contact us. (See main page for contact info)