Zion has a large and diverse library with over 1200 books and 200 videos/dvds thanks to the generous donations of our members.

We carry non-fiction books with such topics as self-help, bible study, inspiration and devotion in a variety of formats – from funny to personal.

We also have a large christian fiction section with a variety of genres from Amish to spy games.  Our dvd/video & audio section contains fiction and non-fiction titles with new releases being added all the time.

Lastly, we have a child and young adult section with books and dvds geared towards teaching our children the stories of God and christian values.

If you are looking for a specific title or subject and cannot find it, please contact Sheila Clark ( for help.


Library Use

Filing System:
All books are filed by the author’s last name. If there is no author it is filed by title. Videos are filed by their title and/or date of issue.

Refer to the catalog book to find books organized by title and by subject

The first row of the label on the spine describes the section the book is in, i.e. Fiction (FIC) Non Fiction (NFIC). The first three letters of the author’s last name are on the second line. If the label is pink it means the book has large print.

Check out:
To check out a book, fill the sign-out sheet with your name, the book title, and date in the checkout register.

There is no due date, but remember that others may want to check out the book.

All books and videos can be checked out, including reference books and bible studies.

When you are finished with a book please return it to the book return box next to the bookshelves.