Zion Lutheran Congregation Council Members 2017

President: Larry Peterson
Vice President: Cathy Knudson
Treasurer: Marie Bellville
Financial Secretary: Cyndee Miske
Council Secretary: Linda Levin

Board Members: 

Chris Gonyea (2017)
Ken Groh (2017)
Julie Malloy (2017)
Larry Peterson (2017)
Rick Pink (2018)
Cyndee Miske (2016)
Dan Selling (2016)
Donna Mott (2018)
Linda Levin (2018)
Deb Kozlowski (2018)
Jon Maline (2019)
Kathy McDonough (2019)
Mike Hueter (2 year term)
Kay MacGregor (3 year term)
Cathy Knudson (3 year term)



Ahlstrom Trust Fund Members
Linda Levin
Tom Broullire
Mary Hicks
Pastor Ellie Russey

Zion Lutheran Congregation Council meets the third Tuesday of the month, at 6pm – Augustana Hall