Have you ever seen 2,000 mosquitoes hanging from a ceiling?

Well, the congregation and visitors at Zion Lutheran Church did this past fall. Two thousand mosquitoes arrived from First Lutheran Church in Gladstone and were hung from the ceiling in the fellowhip hall. (Thank you to the First Lutheran Church Members for sharing the mosquitoes with us).

For every dollar that was donated by someone, a mosquito came down. Thankfully the mosquitoes are gone. We now will donate the money to the three year Anti-Malaria Campaign that is being spearheaded by the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America).

This is a very important project as a child dies every 45 seconds from malaria in Africa. With time, effort and money, malaria can be prevented.

We were glad to help out and want to thank all of the many people who donated so generously to this worthy cause.
The mosquitoes have now gone to Faith Lutheran Church in Rock to further the Malaria Campaign efforts. We wish them well and pray they find it as rewarding and fun as we did.

The Committee is presently working on other plans and will share them as they develop.  Our main focus is to continue to strengthen our companionship with Magomeni Lutheran Church.  We are excited about the future possibilities with them.

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